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Top Quality Air Conditioning

lg-air-conditionerAll professional-grade and luxury appliances make life easier and more convenient, but no appliance enhances comfort and quality of life quite like a high-end air conditioner. Many rooms are outfitted with air conditioners that don’t cover their entire square footage or insufficiently cool the area as much as occupants might desire. A smart investment in a powerful machine can save money over the long term in less frequent repairs and lower power usage. Drimmers is the authority on home appliances from the world’s top brands, and as summer approaches, we prepare to share our expertise with the community for another season. Like a luxurious mattress or a spacious shower or bath, an air conditioner is one of the best investments a buyer can make to significantly improve the comfort and satisfaction derived from everyday life.

Our company represents the top brands in the field and employs a staff of experts trained to discuss various models, recommend climate control solutions, and field questions on any aspect of the purchasing process. We adjust our prices regularly to match shifts in the market: if savings are available, we’ll find them and extend new lower prices to our customers. You deserve to spend this summer in comfortable style: stop by Drimmers before the heat arrives.

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Explore the Best in Gaggenau Appliances

major kitchen appliancesAt Drimmers, we strive to connect our customers with the finest luxury appliances available. Our experts seek out the best machines from the world’s best brands and adjust prices on online bestsellers to ensure we’re providing the best value on the market. Many of our customers already know the most famous brands in the field, like Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Miele. We’re always glad to recommend machines from these renowned manufacturers. In the course of our one-on-one interactions with buyers who contact us for help, we also often introduce newcomers to a brand they hadn’t considered. Gaggenau is one of the best surprises available in the Drimmers online store.

Featuring truly modern convenience and performance alongside classic, efficient German engineering, Gaggenau’s appliances offer a unique, reliable experience. Those who own Gaggenau appliances inherit a legacy of fine crafts and expert service dating back more than 300 years. A leading innovator backed by a history of success, Gaggaenau creates cooking products as well as dishwashers, refrigeration units, and even coffee makers and grinders. No matter what you need, there’s a Gaggenau appliance to help. Drimmers employs a staff of experts who are ready to answer any questions over the phone or in the showroom. Contact us today to start exploring this rewarding brand.

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Entertain Guests This Summer with Top-Tier Appliances

miele appliancesSummer is a great time to welcome friends and family into your home. Warm weather encourages people to get out and see their loved ones, and the season often makes it easier to find free time. Longer days, warmer nights, and many opportunities for seasonal fun are all beloved aspects of summer, so ensure you can make the most of what these months have to offer. Major appliances from top brands are your best assets when you’re planning to welcome guests. Reliable quality and high performance separate the world’s most celebrated and trusted appliances from the everyday machines used elsewhere: investing in the top-tier machines is usually a smart choice.

High-end cooking equipment equips summertime hosts to create delicious dishes indoors. Outdoor cooking gear such as electric and gas grills are perfect for those who prefer to bring their culinary experience outside. Refrigeration is key, especially in summer: brands like Sub-Zero and Miele design professional-grade models with plenty of room and intuitive, high-tech features to keep food fresh. The right equipment can turn an everyday get-together into a memorable party for the ages, so be on the lookout for exclusive deals from Drimmers and make an upgrade before your guests arrive.

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Viking Appliances: Top-Tier Performance for Your Kitchen

kitchen appliancesThe appliance experts on our team represent and recommend machines from the world’s top brands every day. Drimmers carries a wealth of options from across the world, but even among the greatest designers and manufacturers, some major appliances stand apart from the rest. The Viking brand distinguishes itself with professional-grade performance. Viking appliances reached their position at the forefront of the industry by earning the approval of chefs in the world’s most prestigious kitchens. The latest models combine this premium functionality with intuitive controls and convenient features for home use, making Viking appliances a great choice for personal chefs as well as restaurant employees.

Drimmers has a full line of Viking appliances, from ovens, stoves, and refrigerators to more specialized gear like outdoor barbecues and hoods. Our experts gauge the trends of the appliances market and help our customers take advantage of price shifts: we update our prices regularly to ensure our customers receive the best available deal. We back up our unparalleled selection with a dedication to customer service and a commitment to every member of our community. We want to help you upgrade your home and achieve your dream for every room: visit us today to browse our appliance selection and get to know our company.

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Save Space with Miele Appliances and More

kitchen appliancesApartments in New York City offer a phenomenal experience to residents. With access to some of the world’s best culture and shopping as well as professional networking opportunities unmatched elsewhere in the world, New York is an amazing place to live. One of the few drawbacks to life in the big city is the relatively small and compact size of the typical apartment. How can NYC residents maximize space and enjoy their home to the fullest? The key is efficiency, a concept especially relevant for major appliances.

Owning a standard, generic appliance can absolutely get the job done, but when space is at a premium, only the highest standards of quality will suffice. Drimmers carries a full selection of machines designed for optimal function, many with conservative footprints. Miele appliances, Sub-Zero machines, and many other leading products give tenants numerous options when renovating or furnishing a new apartment. Our experts can assist any shopper with insight and recommendations. We also regularly update our prices to reflect shifts in the market, ensuring every buyer receives the best available discount. We’re always eager to meet new people and consider ourselves a staple of the NYC community: we were even voted “Best Kitchen Appliances” by New York magazine! Visit us today to learn more:

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Appliance Upgrades for Spring

major kitchen appliancesIt’s the first day of April, but we’re not fooling around here at Drimmers: this is one of our busiest seasons. We’re working hard to make sure every customer who calls us receives stellar service and expert insight on the world’s leading appliances. Spring is a popular time for homeowners, contractors, and interior designers to carry out in-home upgrades and equip residents with the latest technology. After all, this season is defined by the arrival of new beginnings in nature. It’s only appropriate that spring cleaning and renovations include the installation of new appliances. Why not enjoy the highest-quality machines in the world this season?

At Drimmers, we carry a full range of appliances from in-demand brands, including Sub-Zero, Jenn-Air, and Miele appliances. We revise the discount prices available in our online store every day to ensure that each customer gets the best possible deal. As leaders in the industry, we’re keyed in to shifts in the market place: we hunt for bargains on your behalf and pass on all the savings we can. We also employ a staff of appliance experts, ready to assist with any questions and make informed recommendations for every buyer’s specific needs. We love hearing from blog readers, so visit us at or call 888-405-7049 to join our community of satisfied customers.

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Discover Wolf Appliances for Professional Cooking

wolf cooktopAt the Drimmers website, the online connection to our acclaimed appliances boutique, we receive regular orders for Sub-Zero appliances. That’s for good reason: Sub-Zero is among the most famous names in high-end refrigeration. Sub-Zero’s counterpart elsewhere in the kitchen is Wolf, an appliance brand that includes cooktops, ranges, and grills. The fire-and-ice combination allows customers to enjoy top-tier quality throughout the entire kitchen and beyond. We’re eager to introduce our Sub-Zero appliances fans to the Wolf brand and everything it has to offer. Like Sub-Zero appliances, Wolf machines are defined by technological advancements, intuitive controls, and professional performance.

Cooking enthusiasts who need a restaurant-quality kitchen at home can enjoy a true gourmet standard with Wolf electric and gas cooktops as well as ranges. For outdoor fans and BBQ champions, Wolf outdoor grills bring the professional-grade tech of Sub-Zero and Wolf to cookouts and gatherings. Drimmers represents these two brands as well as many others from throughout the industry, consistently updating our inventory to reflect new arrivals in the marketplace. We also adjust our prices daily to make sure every customer gets the best deal on the appliances they need. Visit us online at to discover what has brought us to our current top spot in luxury appliances!

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Miele Appliances Spotlight: Independence Series

discount kitchen appliancesOne of the best-represented brands in our online store is Miele, a favorite of homeowners as well as professional designers for decades. Miele appliances are advanced, efficient models, focused on incorporating the latest technology to facilitate more intuitive and powerful function. Miele’s kitchen appliances are a great fit for almost any home and especially appropriate for users who want to conserve energy, save money, and protect natural resources. The Independence Series, one of Miele’s bestselling lines, exemplifies this design focus. With a full complement of features engineered for top performance, Independence Series machines are some of the best on the market. They’re also some of the best value options in the Drimmers inventory.

Independence Series Miele appliances are focused on eco-friendly operation and include numerous features designed to save energy. The refrigerators sport touch temperature controls for multiple cooling zones, adjustable interior construction, and recessed lighting that illuminates dark corners, ensuring fewer items end up abandoned or forgotten. The Independence Series SuperCool feature quickly returns the refrigerator to its correct temperature after the door has been left open for a long stretch, either by accident or during tasks like unloading groceries. These and many other features make the Independence Series a perfect place to start for homeowners and professionals.

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Instant Savings on Jenn-Air Appliances

jenn air appliancesJenn-Air appliances are some of the bestselling machines in our entire inventory. Savvy customers trust this innovative brand to introduce the latest features and technology to make a luxury kitchen experience reliable and affordable. At Drimmers, connecting our customers to the appliances that will transform their homes is our passion. That’s why we encourage anyone browsing our site or this blog to give us a call: we can explain our selection, give personal insights, and get to know our community of homeowners much more easily when we’re in closer contact. To pursue this goal, we also consistently update our inventory with discounts and deals. We want to provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your home’s equipment in a way that matches your schedule and your budget.

Right now, Jenn-Air appliances are featured in the latest deal. Through instant savings earned through qualified Jenn-Air purchases, customers can claim free appliances to complement their new machines. A kitchen is at its most efficient when all of its appliances are modernized, especially when they share the design traits and overall goals from a single manufacturer. We’re recommending this deal to new visitors as well as our devoted community of shoppers: visit to find more information about your call with us.

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An Appliances Starter Guide: Miele, Sub-Zero, and Jenn-Air

sub-zero appliancesAt Drimmers, we connect savvy customers, inspired homeowners, and clever decorators with the most attractive and efficient appliances on the market today. We represent the best brands in the business, with an inventory that includes highlights from throughout the world of fine home appliances. Luxury machines can transform not only the appearance of a home, but also its operation on a fundamental level. We’re always eager to introduce the convenience of a world-class appliance into a new home. We get a lot of questions and inquiries from newcomers to the field looking to upgrade outdated machines or invest in a new home. Our experts tend to recommend appliances from three specific brands for first-time buyers. Today, we look at those three brands in more depth, sharing the advantages each presents to a new buyer.


Miele appliances have been at the forefront of home technology for over 100 years. The major advantage to a Miele machine is durability: the company rewards customer investments with sturdy, dependable appliances designed to last. Miele also emphasizes efficiency and quiet operation in design, so appliances from this brand are especially well-suited to busy households or those whose members appreciate a calm, serene environment. Miele dishwashers, ovens, and laundry machines are among the company’s most popular items. At Drimmers, we supplement these essentials with key specialty items like ranges, hoods, and even vacuum cleaners.


You might expect a company called Sub-Zero to specialize in cooling appliances, and in this case, you’d be absolutely right: the company’s machines address a full spectrum of cooling needs, from refrigeration to wine chilling and ice making. Sub-Zero produces appliances for both personal and professional use, both held to the same high standard of quality. Sleek design and the best available performance make Sub-Zero a great choice for enthusiasts and decorators.


Jenn-Air is a major innovator in the field. Since 1961, when the company pioneered the design of the downdraft cooktop, Jenn-Air has been creating sophisticated products with the most modern features. With numerous consumer accolades, a full range of products, and an emphasis on professional-grade performance, Jenn-Air is the best choice for those who need the most effective and advanced features.

For more information, feel free to visit Drimmers or get in touch with our experts.

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