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Finance Options for Appliance Shopping

sub zero appliancesAt Drimmers, we leverage our family’s expertise to create enduring customer satisfaction for the families who’ve trusted our business for decades. We’re committed to providing better and more affordable luxury appliances to every guest, whether they visit our famous showroom or simply stop by the online gallery to view our full lineup of appliances for the kitchen and beyond. We put this guiding philosophy into practice from the very first step, selecting the best machines from the world’s most innovative brands to display online and in-store. Our experts carefully choose the appliances that best meet modern needs and spotlight them in both our physical and digital retail spaces. In addition, we adjust the prices of the items in our store regularly to match savings opportunities available in the market. Rather than arbitrarily start a limited-time discount, we’ll watch the trends in our industry and always provide the best savings possible.

We’re also happy to extend multiple financing options to our customers. We understand that purchasing a luxury appliance can be a big investment. While it’s sure to deliver on your initial investment many times over, at first it can be a challenging step to take. Drimmers makes it easy with options designed to fit your schedule and budget. Visit today and contact one of our representatives to find out more:

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Posted on: Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at 12:07 pm

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