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Clearance Blowout On Gas Grills!

viking appliancesHappy vernal equinox, everyone! On the day of the equinox, the center of the Sun spends a roughly equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location on the Earth, so night and day are about the same length. In reality, though, the day is longer than the night at an equinox.

When Julius Caesar established his calendar in 45 BC he set March 25 as the spring equinox. Since a Julian year (365.25 days) is slightly longer than an actual year the calendar drifted with respect to the equinox, such that the equinox was occurring on about 21 March in AD 300 and by AD 1500 it had reached 11 March. It was this drift that induced Pope Gregory XIII to create the modern Gregorian calendar we still use today.

To celebrate the changing of the seasons, Drimmers has a blowout clearance sale going on, with great deals on all kinds of Miele and Sub Zero appliances,and Viking gas ranges for both in and out of the kitchen. Since grilling season is, eventually, on the way, we thought we would feature this sleek Viking 30″ Built-in Gas Grill with stainless steal burners, dual purpose grill/smoker burner, a gourmet-glo infrared rotisserie and push-button electronic ignition. It is also being offered, only through Drimmers, at a discount of $1000. For this and other red-hot clearance items, check us out online at!

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Posted on: Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at 3:44 pm

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