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The Sub Zero Beverage Center

Most of us are content with our one refrigerator. We get a pile of groceries and file them in their proper place. There is room enough for a variety of beverages while also providing space for our perishable foods. It is a functional situation in our kitchens. Some of us though would like to ask for more. It is not that we hate our fridge, we just need something more from it, from our kitchen from our beverage options.

Sub Zero appliances has just the thing for those of us looking for a superior refrigeration situation. The Sub Zero 24 inch Beverage Center is the perfect way to stock drinks without taking up the precious space we might prefer to use for various cheeses and large sides of meat.

With the beverage dispenser, that fits comfortably under most kitchen counters, you can have a wealth and variety of drink options at the ready at all times. No more rustling for ice in order to have your white wines at a presentable temperature for guests. You can dedicate whole shelves of this innovative Sub Zero appliance to sodas, juices, beers and dairy. It is perfect for backyard patios or for your kitchen.

A great new appliance you did not even know you needed.

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Posted on: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 10:52 am

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