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Finance Options for Appliance Shopping

sub zero appliancesAt Drimmers, we leverage our family’s expertise to create enduring customer satisfaction for the families who’ve trusted our business for decades. We’re committed to providing better and more affordable luxury appliances to every guest, whether they visit our famous showroom or simply stop by the online gallery to view our full lineup of appliances for the kitchen and beyond. We put this guiding philosophy into practice from the very first step, selecting the best machines from the world’s most innovative brands to display online and in-store. Our experts carefully choose the appliances that best meet modern needs and spotlight them in both our physical and digital retail spaces. In addition, we adjust the prices of the items in our store regularly to match savings opportunities available in the market. Rather than arbitrarily start a limited-time discount, we’ll watch the trends in our industry and always provide the best savings possible.

We’re also happy to extend multiple financing options to our customers. We understand that purchasing a luxury appliance can be a big investment. While it’s sure to deliver on your initial investment many times over, at first it can be a challenging step to take. Drimmers makes it easy with options designed to fit your schedule and budget. Visit today and contact one of our representatives to find out more:

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Beverage Centers, Wine Storage, and More

sub zero appliancesAt Drimmers, we’re best known for the luxury appliances that serve as centerpieces for a kitchen or an entire home: refrigerators, washers and dryers, and other essential machines. Still, as the foremost purveyor of appliances in our area, we’re dedicated to finding the best machines to fill a wide variety of roles, from heating and cooling to cleaning and more. One specialty appliance that gets a lot of attention during the holiday season is the beverage center, a smaller refrigeration unit that has ample space optimized for individual drinks. Some such appliances readily accommodate all types of beverages, from waters and juices to favorite seasonal brews. Other specialized refrigeration units are built for wine storage, designed specifically to keep particular wines at their ideal temperature. Each offers the owner a great degree of control over the environment, ensuring refreshing drinks on demand as well as an attractive appearance, contributing to a sleek and modern aesthetic in any kitchen.

Best of all, at Drimmers, we don’t simply set an arbitrary price on our products. Instead, we adjust our prices to match available savings, ensuring that every customers receives the lowest possible price when they choose to buy. That’s the Drimmers advantage: and it’s yours to enjoy today at

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Kitchen Appliances and Fall Redecorating

kitchen appliancesFall is one of the most popular times of year for design professionals and hobby decorators to complete projects and implement new visions for their favorite rooms. Multiple factors combine to make this time of year an ideal match for interior design enthusiasts: colder weather makes indoor hobbies more attractive, while frequent holidays and celebrations encourage friends and family to gather together. These twin influences make entertaining a major focus; as a result, homeowners and tenants both turn their thoughts to renovations and new furniture. Appliances are one of the most important aspects of any redecorating project, as they expand not only the aesthetic but also the functionality of any room in which they’re displayed. Kitchen appliances in particular offer holiday decorators tremendous utility as well as sleek, modern visuals that can make anyone feel at home.

At Drimmers, we specialize in connecting customers with the most popular luxury appliances, manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Our knowledge of the market enables us to discount our inventory in response to everyday shifts in pricing: we adjust our prices every day to ensure each customer gets the best possible deal. If you’re feeling an inclination to spruce up your home before the holidays, you’re not alone: join us at Drimmers to take the next step.

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Drimmers: Leading the Luxury Appliance Market

sub zero applianceAt Drimmers, we work hard to stock the best luxury appliances, such as Miele and Sub Zero appliances, so our customers can choose from the finest available machines. We pride ourselves on selection: we represent what our industry has to offer to any homeowner in need of top performance. Our dedication to the most fulfilling selection powers all of our business decisions. We support this commitment to our customers with a similar promise about pricing and value. From our position in the appliances industry, we search the market for the best prices and pass along any savings we find directly to our customers.

When customers shop at Drimmers, either through our intuitive digital storefront or in our acclaimed showroom, we find every opportunity to help them save on the appliances they need to upgrade their homes and expand their lifestyles. We’ll lower our prices when market shifts make it possible for us to discount our inventory and alert our customers to special deals and promotions via email newsletters, social media posts, and even articles on this blog. Stay tuned and follow Drimmers across the web as well as offline to ensure you always have access to the best information in the industry, courtesy of the local leader.

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Luxury Appliances: The Drimmers Family Advantage

major kitchen appliancesToday’s homeowners, contractors, and designers have a wealth of options when choosing where to buy luxury appliances. Online shopping has truly revolutionized our industry, allowing every customer access to the full lineup of brands and models. The convenience of buying online is significant, but even with this modern innovation, the traditional features that define an industry leader continue to stand out. Drimmers has enjoyed a position at the forefront of the appliances business since before the move to online shopping and continues to lead the industry in the digital age. What’s the secret to this success? It’s the family advantage.

Drimmers, of course, is a family-run business, but for the appliance experts in our company, family means much more. We treat our customers like family as well, addressing concerns with attentive care and answering questions with the best available information. We extend savings to our shoppers as we would to our own family, passing on the deals we find directly from our sources to our visitors. We regularly update our site with the latest arrivals and follow up with shoppers when we become aware of new information or discover a new way to enhance our service. Best of all, we’re always eager to extend these Shop online or visit our showroom and feel welcome at once as Drimmers invites you into the community.

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Miele Appliances Spotlight: Freezers

major kitchen appliancesInvesting in a top-tier refrigerator is an easy decision for most homeowners: the refrigerator is one of the most important and frequently-used appliances in the kitchen. A reliable refrigerator keeps food fresh, minimizes the stress of storing and preparing meals, and generally streamlines most processes in the course of kitchen use. One aspect for which some residents don’t think to invest is the freezer. As Drimmers’ experts know, having a high-quality freezer is a major benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked. Drimmers carries freezers from many of the world’s leading appliance brands, but few more high-performance and attractive than the models from Miele. These freezers are equipped with a full lineup of features to make operation more effective and intuitive.

Miele’s freezers feature a helpful ClearView lighting system to illuminate the interior, plus spacious shelves and drawers. The RapidCool loading function ensures that contents stay in top condition, and RemoteVision functionality adds extra convenience to the machine. Energy efficient and featuring a pre-finished stainless steel front, the Miele freezer is an essential complement to a fully-featured modern kitchen. Contact the Drimmers family of appliance professionals to find out more and get the best available price quote today.

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Sub-Zero Appliances Spotlight: Beverage Center

sub zero appliancesSub-Zero appliances are among the highest-quality machines available to a modern homeowner, offering professional-grade performance along with sleek, contemporary aesthetics. From professional kitchens to luxurious designer homes, these appliances have earned universal acclaim and enjoy a reputation as some of the world’s finest. Each and every Sub-Zero appliance is made to exacting standards and sports useful, innovative features designed to streamline the home experience. At Drimmers, we find a lot to appreciate about every Sub-Zero machine we carry, and today’s spotlight, the Sub-Zero beverage center, is no exception. Taking its cues from Sub-Zero’s successful line of wine coolers, this specialty refrigeration unit is perfect for storing all types of beverages, from soda and bottled water to juices and refreshing brews. It’s compact and convenient enough to be built in to existing furniture, even outside the kitchen.

This beverage center makes the perfect addition to a media room or other living space where refreshments can enhance social activities and recreation. Owners can have a cool drink nearby anywhere and add modern sensibility to the room at the same time. Sub-Zero appliances are best known for this versatile and powerful combination of function and form: visit Drimmers to discover more about this groundbreaking brand and find exclusive savings available online to online visitors.

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Your Luxury Appliance Deals Resource

sub zero appliancesOwning luxury appliances is a rewarding experience every single day. Machines at the forefront of home innovation offer phenomenal performance and attractive decor potential in the kitchen and beyond. At Drimmers, we pride ourselves on having the greatest degree of insight and expertise about the home appliances market. Our customers have trusted us for more than 40 years to connect them with the latest developments in the industry. The Drimmers community appreciates every chance to incorporate luxury into the home at a reasonable price. One of the best ways our experts offer that chance to every visitor is through the online Rebate Center available through the intuitive Drimmers website.

The Drimmers showroom, where Sub-Zero appliances, Miele appliances, and more are all on display for guests to examine, is often the best way for an appliances enthusiast to shop for the latest deals. In the showroom, our team members can consult with visitors on the best deals. Online, we share that same commitment to our customers by consistently updating an informative guide about the best available rebates. Visit the Drimmers Rebate Center to find out more about how much you can save. The appliance that will add true glamour and class to your kitchen is within reach!

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Stay Cool During Barbecue Season with Sub-Zero Appliances

sub zero appliancesWhen most people think of home appliance essentials for grilling season, they tend to focus on the grill itself. The same priority is common among appliance shoppers, including our own savvy clientele. Of course, while a top-tier or professional-grade grill like a Wolf appliance is central to the experience, a lot more goes into throwing an amazing BBQ than having great cooking equipment. Refrigeration is key when it comes to keeping food fresh, and freshness is the hallmark of memorable BBQ. From meats grilled veggies, there’s simply no substitute for summer favorites at the peak of quality. At Drimmers, we connect our customers with the best deals on the world’s leading appliances. We scour the market for savings opportunities, then adjust the prices in our online store to make sure every visitor receives the best possible bargain.

One of the most popular and important refrigeration brands in stock at Drimmers is Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero appliances have set the standard in home refrigeration, introducing generations of decorators and homeowners to a new kitchen experience. Drimmers is an authority in selling Sub-Zero machines: our company employs experts intimately familiar with the brand. These helpful associates are available online or at our famous showroom: stop by and learn more today to get the most out of your grilling this summer.

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Showroom Shopping: Discover the Selection

miele appliancesShopping online for luxury home appliances is convenient and informative, but nothing compares to the in-person experience. These are the machines you’ll use day after day in your home: you want to make sure they’re intuitive and attractive up close. When you’re planning to visit a showroom to help guide your purchasing decisions, you’ll want to find one with a wide selection for you to view. At Drimmers, we carry a phenomenal variety of machines from the world’s top manufacturers. We’re widely regarded as the premier retailer of luxury appliances in our region, and we regularly receive visits from local blog readers as well as decorating enthusiasts and contractors working in Brooklyn. We’d love to share our acclaimed selection with you as well!

From our full line of Wolf appliances, professional-grade cooking gear perfect for the dedicated chef’s kitchen, to our inventory of attractive Sub-Zero appliances that enhance quality of life and save both time and money, we have something for everyone. We can turn any casual browser into an expert on home appliances. All you’ll need to do is visit us in person! If you can’t make it to the showroom, a phone call will give you everything you need to make an informed purchase. Contact us today.

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